3Dsurvey case studies

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Photogrammetry proves its worth in documenting Cultural Heritage

Ljubljana Castle Wine Cellar Patio Showcase

Drone-based 3Dsurvey Map for building a Sewage System

Joining two different technologies in a single software

Stockpile measurement with Fixed-wing

Indoor Mapping of a House with a Phone Camera


Drone Mapping for Carrying Out of Repairs of Mining-Induced Subsidence

Mapping and Modelling Cadastral Boundaries using Drones and Photogrammetry Software

House renovation with 3Dsurvey - Drone mapping and photogrammetric processing to design and plan facade and roofing upgrades

DJI Phantom 4 & 3Dsurvey - Can a consumer drone deliver data needed for professional land surveying results?

Drone Topographic Survey of a Landfill near Dubrovnik, Croatia

civil engineering
civil engineering

River embankment repair measurements on a Hydropower Plant in Boštanj

Potoška planina landslide – Measurement #6

Survey plan for a Family house project

InterGEO 2015

City Centre square renovation (Orthophoto with resolution of 1 mm)

Potoška planina Scree - Mission #2

Measurements of the Rakek railway line

Potoška Planina landslide

Slano Blato landslide

Open-pit mine

Volume calculation of the excavated material

Bled Golf Course orthophoto map

River bank measurements

Bridge measurements – Orthophoto map and 3D model

Road visualisation – Dolenjske toplice

Construction site excavation – calculating the volume of the excavation

Overview of bridging structures, bridges; highway pillar overview

Ljubljanica bridge renovation

Geodetic railway plan; geodetic plan for the project of works executed

Horvat house

Potoška planina Scree - Mission #1

Podpeč and Bezovica walls


Volume calculations Brdo

Cemetery cadastre – Domžale municipality

Geodetic road plan, 1.7 km in length

Land surveying for a wastewater treatment plant; material volume calculations

Orthophoto map – Količevo paper mill

Quarry calculations – calculating the volume of excavation and of levelling compounds

Orthophoto cemetery maps

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