3Dsurvey COMPACT Package Software + DJI Phantom 4 PRO

3Dsurvey COMPACT Package Software + DJI Phantom 4 PRO

3Dsurvey Compact Package Solution - 3Dsurvey Software + DJI Phantom 4 PRO - NOW ONLY 4,399.00 EUR (excl. VAT)

This 3Dsurvey Compact Package is ideal for anyone that seeks the best price performance in a compact and easy-to-use package solution. With an integrated DJI camera and GPS and fully featured 3Dsurvey software this package promises a huge ROI and survey-grade results (cm-grade). With a comfortable flying time of 30 minutes this will best suit the needs of small to mid-size surveying projects (5 - 10ha).

DJI Phantom 4 PRO ensures that your field work never lacks the quality or quantity of captured imagery and geospatial data. Terrain mapping, geo-referencing and spatial orientation are therefore of survey-grade accuracy, which provides for a fast and effective processing and 3D modelling in 3Dsurvey software.

If you are after a professional yet compact and affordable solution to improve your projects' speed and cost-effectiveness, and achieve results your clients will be impressed by, this is the most comprehensive land surveying tool on the market today! And it is ONLY 4,399.00 EUR!

What's in the Package 

3Dsurvey Software Stand-Alone Lifetime License
DJI Phantom 4 PRO (see specification below)

Key Features of 3Dsurvey:

Dense 3D Point Cloud - a basis for any further processing, reconstruction and modelling
Digital Terrain Model - fully geo-referenced, spatially orientated, complete overview of terrain configuration
Volume calculation - excavated material, quarry and open-pit mine volume calculations and change detection, complete overview of terrain configuration - kex element in landslide monitoring and landmass movement detection
Orthophoto - highly accurate digital orthophoto generation
Height map and Terrain Elevation - key element in flood risk management and spatial planning
Profile lines and Cross sections - single-click profile calculation and on-the-fly visualization and reporting
Contour lines - 3D and 2D contour maps, key element of any survey map or a topographical map
3D Spatial Measurements - enables user to post-process, investigate or measure any detail
Visualization and Customization of 3D data - full freedom when it comes to comparing different projects, moving, rotating or layering different models or sets of data clouds - beneficial to large-scale planning and excavation projects
Multispectral image processing - NDVI index mapping, multi-spectral orthophoto generation,  used in agriculture - precision farming - to perform soil and plant chemical element analysis for better crop production
Thermographic image processing - thermographic orthophoto generation, used in construction to calculate and visualize thermal losses and monitor energy efficiency

Specifications DJI Phantom 4 PRO:

Technical data

Length / Width
490 mm
300 mm
1.380 g
Take-off Weight
1.400 g
Recommended payload
120 g
Max. Payload
250 g
Max. Speed
72 km/h (sport mode)
Climb Rate
6 m/s
Flight Height
up to 100 m (over ground under ideal conditions) Max. 6,000 m above sea level
Flight Time
up to 30 min (Depending on operating mode,
weather and payload.)
Navigation Control
GPS receiver, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, remote control
Power Source
Number of rotors

Operational conditions

0°C to 40°C
Wind tolerance
steady pictures up to 6 m/s
Flight radius
min. 250m on RC with WP up to 2km
max. 90%

Package contains

4 rotor drone
Gimbal with 3-axis stabilisation
Stable images during the flight
DJI camera with 1-inch 20 MP sensor (4K 60fps video)
Li-Po battery
 Li-Po battery 4S for Phantom4
Li-Po Charger
DJI Phantom Charger
RC control
DJI remote
USB telemetry modem
Downlink and Telemetry
Software for autonomous navigation planning and overview status

Base station

Ground computer included
Video downlink link


Pilot skills
Base knowledge of meteorology, flight technology