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We want to help you survey faster, safer and smarter than ever before, without hurting your wallet. Our happy customers have proven to cover their investments within the scope of just 2 to 3 projects. So just pick the plan that suits you best, and start 3Dsurveying today.

3Dsurvey customer service is unbeatable

“One of the reasons that I am a 3Dsurvey partner, is because their customer service is unbeatable, and because they put out an INCREDIBLE amount of content, to help YOU, the user, make the most out of the software.
They are constantly taking feedback from their customers and putting out helpful webinars, videos, and articles to help you work your job and find solutions to your hang ups.”

Farrah Etcheverry

Farrah Etcheverry
Etcheverry Land Surveying

Pricing options



A stand-alone license that’s yours for a year with all the updates and support.

After that, extended updates and support are available to you optionally for $53 / month ($640 / year).


$200 per month
Bill monthly
Bill Yearly SAVE 17%

Rent our complete digital surveying suite and pay as you go with monthly or yearly subscription options.

All the updates and support are yours for the duration of your subscription period.


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Cloud solution

Pay per hour

Work with ready-for-use pre-installed software on a Pay-per-Use or a Period Subscription basis. No software download and installation are required.

* Partnership with GeoCloud

  • Execute multiple projects simultaneously
  • Select processing power to suit requirements
  • Work from home, work from anywhere, work anytime
  • Cut current software licenses, in-house computers and IT support costs
  • Start your new business with no upfront investment in software and computers

Software + drone

3Dsurvey + DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • Best price-performance solution for land surveying
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the perpetual license

3Dsurvey + GPS

3Dsurvey + GPS Emlid Reach RS2
$5,900+ shipping costs
  • Multi-band RTK GNSS receiver with centimetre precision For surveying, mapping and navigation.
  • Comes with a mobile app.
  • With a carbon pole
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the perpetual license

Ground Targets

  • Perfect for improving the accuracy of generated 3D models
  • Automatic detection in 3Dsurvey software
  • Use the targets for quality control and data validation

VAT might apply. All plans include a free 1:1 online training session.
Requires Windows 7 or newer. Works best with Windows 10, and Nvidia. Check the full system requirements.

System requirements


  • Windows 7, 8, 10; 64 bit
  • Intel i5 / i7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • nVidia GTX 1050 or better
  • SSD 128 GB + HDD 500 GB



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You can purchase one subscription duration (monthly, yearly) per order.

If you would like to purchase both durations, please create separate orders for each duration.

All the features without the extra fees

Automated Point Cloud Classification

Leverage our industry-leading classification engine with best-in-class point cloud customization tools enabling you fast, user-friendly and simple data classification.

Digital Surface Models (DSM) and 3D Mesh Models

Recreate reality in photorealistic digital form. Generate a fully geo-referenced, spatially orientated, and complete overview of your site configuration, entirely under your control.

Digital Orthophoto Maps (DOM)

Calculate high-resolution digital orthophotos with cm-grade precision in perfect geo-referenced detail for further land surveying and mapping exploration.

Volume Calculation

Explore volumetric calculations with great speed and accuracy. Compare multiple measurements, visualize in realistic 3D detail, and detect changes on the fly or over time.

Cross Sections and Profile Lines

Draw a definition line and calculate single vertical cross-sections or multiple transverse profiles with user-defined intervals from your point cloud data.

Integrated CAD Tools

The integrated CAD environment enables you to finish your projects without any specialized third-party software. It includes all the powerful layer-style tools!

3D Point Cloud Generation

Create extremely accurate dense 3D point clouds and leverage our suite of comprehensive tools for further editing, measuring and modeling.

Interactive 3D Measurements

Interactively measure slope, elevation, size, or distance in 2D or 3D. Visualize and customize your spatial data with absolute freedom in exploring every single detail.

Contour Lines

Instantly create topography maps, and freely explore terrain elevation data in 2D or 3D by leveraging 3Dsurvey’s automated contour lines calculation.

Hybrid Image Processing

Import, process, and share both terrestrial and aerial data, acquired by any type of camera. Explore and combine all types of point cloud data, from LIDAR to sonar.

Export to any Third-party Software

Export your work to Google Earth, CAD, or any other third-party software. 3Dsurvey is designed for easy, fast, and friendly data sharing across all industries.

FREE 3Dsurvey Pilot app

Transform your drone into an automated, cm-grade surveying tool, save up to 90% of your time spent on the field, and reduce your overall field costs.

FREE 3Dsurvey Viewer app

Share your projects with your team and clients across all industries. Easily explore and visualize your data, perform simple tasks, measurements and on-the-fly calculations.

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Educational offers

The future of surveying is in our youth. In the young and ambitious minds still learning about the profession and hopefully discovering the same amount of love and admiration for it as we have.

Esteemed students and professors, you deserve the best tech on the market, so please feel free to apply for one of our non-commercial educational license plans below. Happy 3Dsurveying!

Individual Student License

A FREE standalone student license for individual, non-commercial use.

Educational Classroom License

A discounted stand-alone license for a classroom with up to 25 students.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use 3Dsurvey for free?

Yes! You are welcome to start with a FREE 14-day unlimited trial.

What are the payment options?

We currently accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. We also accept payments via Paypal and wire transfers.

Is there a discount for nonprofits, educational institutions, and students?

Yes! If we can verify your status, you are eligible for either a free individual student license or a discounted academic classroom plan for non-commercial use. Please apply via one of the educational application forms above, or contact [email protected] to learn more.

What happens after I purchase - how do I install, activate, and start using 3Dsurvey?

Once you successfully complete your purchase, along with creating and activating your personal 3Dsurvey account, you will be able to download the latest 3Dsurvey software version and access your unique license activation key via your account.

What if I need support?

As soon as you purchase a 3Dsurvey license, you will be assigned with a personal 3Dsurvey support manager. They will make sure nothing ever slows you down. All plans include a free 1:1 online training session as well. Please check our support center for more info.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You may change or cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings within your personal 3Dsurvey account. Any downgrade changes, including cancellations, will be reflected at the end of your existing billing cycle.

How do I renew my license, purchase extended updates and support and/or additional licenses?

You will be able to manage all your purchase details, owned license keys, and support options via your account. Please check our FAQ section for more info on your user account.

Can I rent 3Dsurvey for just one month?

Yes! Just pick the subscription plan and opt for the monthly billing option. You may then cancel your subscription at any time. You are also welcome to start with a FREE 14-day unlimited trial.

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