3Dsurvey Yearly Subscription

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What's in the package

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  • Upgrades & Support included
  • Floating-license desktop application
  • Access to promo and training materials

3Dsurvey software and documentation are supplied electronically, in the form of the license key (alpha-numeric code) and the web link to the 3Dsurvey software. This key allows to run 3Dsurvey software on one computer (or more in case of a multi-user license) simultaneously, however, it can be transferred between multiple computers by deactivating/activating it in the 3Dsurvey GUI.

Key Features of 3Dsurvey:

  • Dense 3D Point Cloud
    A basis for any further processing, reconstruction and modelling
  • Digital Terrain Model
    Fully geo-referenced, spatially orientated, complete overview of terrain configuration
  • Volume calculation
    Excavated material, quarry and open-pit mine volume calculations and change detection, complete overview of terrain configuration - kex element in landslide monitoring and landmass movement detection
  • Orthophoto
    Highly accurate digital orthophoto generation
  • Height map and Terrain Elevation
    Key element in flood risk management and spatial planning
  • Profile lines and Cross sections
    Single-click profile calculation and on-the-fly visualization and reporting
  • Contour lines
    3D and 2D contour maps, key element of any survey map or a topographical map
  • 3D Spatial Measurements
    Enables user to post-process, investigate or measure any detail
  • Visualization and Customization of 3D data
    Full freedom when it comes to comparing different projects, moving, rotating or layering different models or sets of data clouds - beneficial to large-scale planning and excavation projects
  • Multispectral image processing
    NDVI index mapping, multi-spectral orthophoto generation, used in agriculture - precision farming - to perform soil and plant chemical element analysis for better crop production
  • Thermographic image processing
    Thermographic orthophoto generation, used in construction to calculate and visualize thermal losses and monitor energy efficiency

Support & Upgrades

3Dsurvey Yearly Subscription includes online based technical support and updates of the software for the whole duration of subscription period.

EUR 2.000,00 (excl. VAT)
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