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Tutorial 18


Hi everyone.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use 3Dsurvey’s Measurement tool to perform 3D measurements on a point cloud.

We’ll start with a calculated point cloud. To measure distances between objects we need to select Measure function.

Use left mouse click to both start and finish the line. Use right mouse click to finish your measurements.

Next there is an option to set your own text size; I’ll set it to 15 in this case. Go on by choosing between 3D distance, that’s the one we are using at the moment, or 2D distance, which will give you slope or height difference between both end points of the line.

If you would like to delete the measurement just click Delete all button. Don’t forget that you can measure polyline, as well. Same approach as before; left mouse click to draw the polyline and right mouse click to finish the selection.

That’s all. Thank you for watching and see you in our next tutorial.