"Drone Mapping for Surveying" - From buying a drone to using it to create an accurate 3D model
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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in geodetic surveying is becoming an increasingly common practice, which allows us to survey areas larger than 10 to as much as 1000 hectares in a few hours, depending on the task we have been given.

There are many different types of drones on the market, from multicopters, through fixed wing aircraft to hybrids. The first challenge we face is to choose an aircraft that optimally suits our needs.

In the first part of the lecture, we will present the technical specifications of unmanned aerial vehicles crucial for geodetic use, flight planning, and the aircraft control procedure.

We will present best practices for data recording, setting checkpoints and crossing together the optimal parameters for drone flight.

In the second part, we will cover the basics of photogrammetry, or most importantly - how to get data that we can use in the service of engineering geodesy, which deals with most of us surveyors. We will go through the main stages of photo processing, and learn all about the terms and do georeferencing, point cloud calculation, terrain model calculation, orthophoto calculation. Learn the difference between DTM and DSM, and DOF and true DOF.

In the third part of the lecture, we will show practical examples of calculations that we can do on the obtained measurement data from the second part of the lecture.

In the final part, we will give you examples of classical geodetic tasks, projects, in which we implemented drone imaging, process photogrammetric data into the desired display, present the possibilities of exporting data to third CAD programs, and analyse the cost-effectiveness of the presented technology.