Extract building corners fast and precise with X-ray function
Free Webinar

Hi guys, my name is Vid Peterman and I am a part of a 3Dsurvey Team.

We have a extremely interesting free webinar for you.

In this webinar we will show you how to map building corners without physically measuring wall and corner points on the building itself. Let's examine how to make a survey map from drone data.

Survey maps include building corners and this don't show up properly in ortho maps.

But 3Dsurvey has a super cool feature called X-ray. This way building walls will be seen through the rooftops making it much easier to draw building walls and similar features on a survey map, without even measuring them separately.

Want to know more, or see and understand how accurate this technique is? Then don’t hesitate and join us on our free webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you.