Photogrammetry as a Tool for the Forensic Documentation
Free Webinar

Hi guys, my name is Marko and I am a part of a 3Dsurvey Team.

We have a VERY interesting free webinar for you.

We’ll talk about Photogrammetry as a Tool for the Forensic Documentation.

When a road accident happens, the authorities must close the road for traffic, sometimes for hours, therefore scene should be captured AS FAST and as detailed AS POSSIBLE. This allows scene to be cleared out quickly and road to be opened for traffic. Authorities can process collected data later in the office and reconstruct the accident with millions of data points and various 3Dmodels, which help them determine what and who caused the collision.

In this free webinar we will not only show you how we are doing it, but also how fast and accurate it is done. We will also explain the benefits of using this method compared to traditional approach. 

See you on the webinar!