Step by step how to import 3Dsurvey pointcloud, 3Dmesh and orthophoto data into AutoCAD
Free Webinar

This webinar is a result of our close cooperation and deep communication with our clients which usually use AutoCAD for finalising their work due to the market demands.

Using a very detailed and accurate data sets it is sometimes a challenge for AutoCAD. There are also some situations where users do not have available all functions of AutoCAD or there are several steps needed to import the data properly in order to maximise the outcome.

In this webinar, our experts will make sure to help you out and make your job easier and even smarter.

We are going to ta talk about tips and tricks on how to import 3Dpoint clouds, 3Dmesh and orthophoto into AutoCAD application. This webinar will also include detailed demonstration and step by step guidance on 3dpoint cloud rotation, hot to decrease number of points to be imported in AutoCAD and similar, to make your job much easier.

Join our experts and make the most out of a 3Dsurvey software!