Most watched webinar in May - What's new in 3Dsurvey 2.9.0
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During the webinar we will check TOP 5 features we added in 3Dsurvey 2.9.0 version:
  1. Full RTK & PPK support (Phantom 4 RTK, RTK Fixedwings,..)  - Improved orientation algorithm and geoid support offers us now accurate 3Dsurveying without of use GCP points and centimetre grade accurate orientation just on drone telemetry data!
  2. Bounding BOX - Rotate Bounding box on any axes and fit the view with the help of bounding box to certain detail regardless of shape, scale or its orientation in the pint cloud. Our renewed bounding box functionality enables you that. Beside already known function of reshaping visible rectangle around point cloud in all three dimensions, now, you can also rotate it around all of its edges.

  3. CAPTURE VIDEO ANIMATIONS - Create stunishing video animations in 3Dsurvey and export video as MP4 file format. Switch between different view options during the rendering in real time and share your results with customers in a most simple way.

  4. IMPROVED CAD FUNCTIONS - Create new point displayed with name, height and code, connect 3D lines with vertexes, measure distances or export CAD results in DXF file format. In this way you can prepare most of your data for survey map creation.

  5. IMPROVED VIEWING OPTIONS - Pan model to cross center with a simple ‘’Double mouse’’ click and focus on your area of interest in no time!

  6. FURTHER IMPROVED DENSE RECONSTRUCTION - Calculate point cloud on EXTREME level also on low powered graphics cards (NVIDIA support only) and achieve high detailed results with 3Dsurvey improved dense reconstruction algorithm. To achieve more stunishing results add some side images and process all together in a single project.